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Entry #1

Day 1 on (hello)

2013-06-25 18:24:51 by NSBenz

I'm Nathaniel and I'm a cartoonholic. I make humorous (hopefully) animated cartoon shorts on Flash for everyone out there. Let me know if you like.


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2013-06-27 09:24:24

Welcome to Newgrounds, really solid work so far!

NSBenz responds:

Many thanks. The videos are admittedly crude but quickly getting better. New videos should be finished soon.


2013-06-29 12:41:32

Looks like there might be some problems with the voices synching up with the mouth movements (especially towards the end). NG has some nice pre-loaders, which would also help the synch, but take a look around the animation part of the BBS, I've heard there's a fix of sorts to keep the A and V tight.